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Gamma Iota Sigma
Grand Chapter

Administrative Guide


Starting the Year - Your First Meeting

            As an officer of Gamma Iota Sigma, your first officers meeting will primarily be characterized as unorganized and confusing to everyone involved.  Believe it or not, that's what makes the first meeting so significant.   Your first meeting should be held to gain a sense of direction for your chapter.  Remember, it is not so important where you are today as it is where you are heading tomorrow.  The first item of business then, should be setting goals and objectives for the entire school year.

Funk and Wagnalls' Standard College Dictionary defines goals as "Something toward which effort or movement is directed; an end or objective."  From the standpoint of effectively managing your chapter, all officers must have a firm understanding of what the organization wants to accomplish.   Without specific goals and objectives, as officers you will find yourselves floundering and losing sight of what it is you want to accomplish. 

When setting your chapter's goals and objectives for the upcoming year, remember to:

1.         Have every officer submit a list of three or four goals they would like to see the chapter accomplish.  (Everyone must feel that he/she has a say in what will be accomplished if you expect their help!)

2.         Combine all goals and objectives submitted into one overall list.

3.         Review and discuss, as a group (officers), which goals should and can be implemented.

4.         Be sure to access the foreseeable barriers to accomplishing your goals.  Look at both the successes and failures of your chapter in previous years as a guide, and analyze why goals were reached, and if they weren't, what might have gone wrong.

5.                   Consider the disadvantages you will be working under.  Most of your planning will be devoted to overcoming these.

6.                   Set a time frame and a plan of action to accomplish your goals and objectives.